Why Support Off the Sideline

While other programs focus on supporting individuals or teams with the most athletic promise, our mission is to build healthy communities and reach youth who are most at risk. Our communities are stronger when kids have safe, supportive activities that build self-esteem and encourage them to make healthy choices. There are few programs that have such wide-reaching benefits across a broad spectrum as team sports.

With an easy application process and the only income requirement of eligibility for reduced or free school lunch, we serve youth who might otherwise not be able to play sports. And with the inclusion of any sport -- including those that may have higher fees such as golf, swimming, basketball, gymnastics and tennis -- we help eliminate social barriers.

When kids participate in team sports, they have ...

// Increased confidence and self-esteem
// Less risk of obesity
// Higher grades
// Less risky behavior
// Increased social engagement
// More positive relationships

Who We Serve

With social and health equity at our core, since our 2016 we've provided more than 400 opportunities to help kids play team sports. Those we've served from 2016-2019 include:

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All athletes can point to a moment in time or a person in our lives who helped us achieve the skills, be they physical, social or emotional, that we need in order to achieve success. The beauty for me is in looking back and seeing / celebrating all those people who help us get where we go.
Dian Christensen, Oregon P.E. Teacher and Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee

Just $300 provides a child with an entire season of sports 


How You Can Help

You can count on Off The Sideline to ask the critical question: "Is it good for kids and our community?" Positive changes happen when kids actively participate in team sports. By keeping a child in sports, you are giving them much more than a shot at a trophy. Your gifts of time, money and action help us get kids in the game.

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