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Who We Are

Off The Sideline is an Oregon nonprofit dedicated to promoting youth involvement in team sports and increasing access by providing financial scholarships to low-income families. Founded in July 2015, we awarded our first scholarships in February 2016. In our first year, we helped more than 80 youth access sports programs in their communities, and have since provided more than 400 scholarships. We’re a health-equity focused organization, giving kids in marginalized communities the social and health benefits of team sports and developing positive role models. We do this by providing financial scholarships that enable youth to participate in the sport/program that works for them in their communities, instead of relying on what is free. We believe that by providing choice and opportunity, youth are more likely to stay active.

We focus on serving low-income children (defined as being eligible to receive free/reduced lunch) in grades five through nine when they are more vulnerable to crime, poor lifestyle decisions and alienation from peers and school. With equity at our core, we are dedicated to  serving communities of color (more than 90% of recipients in 2016 were non-white).

Off the Sideline is a 501(c)(3) and all contributions are tax exempt.

Who We Work With
By working through community partners who have a proven track record of serving children and families from marginalized communities, we ensure financial assistance gets where it is needed most. Our scholarship services are a valued resource in helping build healthy communities. Our community partners work with children who live in public housing and/or foster care and who experience adversity and trauma.

How We're Funded
We rely on individual donations, business and community sponsors to help us to deliver on our mission. Learn more about the organizations that help us keep Oregon youth focused and healthy.

How We Work
Off the Sideline board members and advisory council all have deep community ties and a commitment to social and health equity. Our dedicated team provides proven leadership, supporting the Off the Sideline mission and vision.