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Why Support Youth Sports
While other programs focus on supporting individuals or teams with the most athletic promise, our mission has been to build healthy communities and reach Oregon youth who are most at risk. Our communities are stronger when kids have safe, supportive activities that build self-esteem and encourage them to make healthy choices.

When kids participate in team sports, they have ...
// Increased confidence and self-esteem
// Less risk of obesity
// Higher grades
// Less risky behavior
// Increased social engagement
// More positive relationships

Gearing Up for Change

The impact of social justice issues, COVID-19 and other factors have changed the global sports landscape and prompted Off the Sideline to examine its policies and processes. As a result of a recent internal review, our Board of Directors approved a new model that provides grants directly to our community partners already embedded in our communities.

We're pleased to announce that grants are approved for 10 nonprofits that support underserved Oregon youth as they participate in team sports and physical activities. Those receiving grants are Self Enhancement Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area, HOLLA Mentors, Northwest Family Services, The Contingent (of behalf of Every Child Oregon), Every Child Central Oregon, United Way of Southwestern Oregon (of behalf of Every Child Coos and Every Child Curry), Building Healthy Families (of behalf of Every Child Northeast Oregon), Riverside Community Outreach and Todos Juntos. After this one-time funding process is complete and money is distributed, Off the Sideline will dissolve as a nonprofit organization in late 2021. We encourage you to continue to support youth sports through our grant awardees

Organizations like yours are critical in the efforts to keep kids in sports and heathy activities. So thank you. As a co-founder of Portland Cal Ripken, I can appreciate your vision and the effort you put into Off the Sideline.
Kim Hart
​Portland Cal Ripken


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