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Organizations like yours are critical in the efforts to keep kids in sports and heathy activities. So thank you. As a co-founder of Portland Cal Ripken, I can appreciate your vision and the effort you put into Off the Sideline.
Kim Hart
​Portland Cal Ripken


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We focus on children across Oregon in grades five through nine during the fragile transition times, when youth are more likely to “fall off the map.” According to research by the National Alliance for Sports, 70% of children drop out of organized sports by age 13.

Comprehensive Participation
We enable kids to play the sport of their choice, including golf, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, baseball, soccer and more. It’s a privilege to connect them with their passions and put them on a path to improved wellness via team sports. Research shows that when a youth participates in team sports it boosts self-esteem and helps them achieve higher grades, avoid risky behavior and establish positive relationships with peers and family.

​Our Program

// Gives the choice of the sport/team/location that’s best for them rather than having to rely on what is available at no cost.

// Serves kids over a larger geographic region since services are not site-based or tied to a specific school.

// Acknowledges that giving kids more options is better when promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity.

// Helps establish lifelong relationships through interactions with kids of different backgrounds in any community sports program.

// Supports our local programs. In areas where the need is highest, sports programs go away when there isn’t enough participation.

By keeping a child in sports, you are giving them much more than a shot at a trophy. Help us go further and donate today.

Serving Those Most in Need

Our model of working with community partners allows us to identify and create a safe place and mentorship for at-risk youth. Our partners value the resource we provide for the kids and families they serve. We’re also an ally to community sports programs, supporting diversity while reducing their fundraising burden. This all makes us a member of your community, whether you define community by your neighborhood, income or your sports team or club.

What We Do

Off the Sideline believes all kids deserve to benefit from the social and health advantages of team sports participation. We provide access to all year-round sports programs that already exist in our communities. Here’s how we do it:

Easy Access
We remove barriers through our easy application process and by paying up to $300 per child/per season to help low-income youth access the same programs as their more affluent peers. Because we make payments directly to the school or sports program, the social stigma attached to other need-based sports scholarship programs is eliminated for the player.