Supporting Access for All Kids

We are deeply grateful for the support from individual funders who make our mission sustainable and relevant. Donating means you are making your community stronger, helping kids when they are most in most need of social interactions and worthy role models. By donating you help create results that change kids lives and build healthier, safer communities.

Adolescents who play sports are eight times as likely to be active at age 24 as adolescents who do not participate in team sports. When you give to Off the Sideline, you’re giving a child access to health, friendships and positive role models - setting them up to make positive choices that will last a lifetime. 

Business Partners Investing in Your Communities
Remember the days when a business would sponsor the local team? Our business partners provide the same support, knowing their contributions supports kids most in need - not just the most promising athletes. We rely on our valuable business partnerships to help us engage Oregon’s most at-risk youth. Contact us if you’d like to join our growing list of businesses and other organizations who believe supporting youth sports is important to their companies. We want you on our team. Businesses support include

// Sponsorship/donation

// Employer/employee matching contribution

// Donation nights with proceeds benefiting Off the Sideline

// Hosting a fundraising event

Thanks to Our Sponsors ... We Wouldn't Be Here Without You:

Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring Off the Sideline. 

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Playing sports in my youth gave me an opportunity to experience the highs and lows of life situations and how to handle both with dignity & grace. I won a city championship in grade school baseball and also was on the worst soccer team in my league later that year. Both sides of victory are important to learn because life is full of success and failure. How you handle both with cool speaks volumes for your character.
Kenneth Pogson, Voodoo Doughnut Co-Owner and Off the Sideline Supporter

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