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Community Partners

Many times if you can’t pay, you can’t play. Our community partners help us provide equal access to sports for youth in grades five through nine by identifying those most at risk and in need of financial assistance. Our partners value Off the Sideline for the resources we bring to their organizations … and together we strengthen our communities.

In our first year, our community partners helped us identify and remove financial barriers for nearly 100 kids to play team sports, and since then have provided more than 400 scholarships. From neighborhood recreational and educational organizations, to community agencies, to schools, to affordable housing advocacy groups, these organizations help us keep kids in the game.

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Contact us if you are interested in becoming a community partner. 


Hacienda CDC is thrilled to partner with Off the Sideline. Youth in our community have a deep connection to sports but their families often experience barriers to participation. Off the Sideline eases the cost burden on our families which levels the playing field and helps our youth live healthy, active lives.

Jaclyn Sarna, Expresiones Program Manager,
Hacienda CDC