of low-income children participate in team sports compared to 50% of their higher-income peers.


Our community partners help us identify Oregon youth in grades 5 through 9, who are most at risk and in need of financial assistance.

of Oregon children live at or below the poverty line.

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We believe Off the Sideline can greatly assist the young people of our community in establishing healthy relationships with their peers and other adult role models, both of which are vital to their success.
Kay Toran, President and CEO

Volunteers of America.


By providing access to participate in the sport/program the child chooses, we help build self-esteem, reduce health risks and improve social skills.

Thanks for Your Support, and Gearing Up for Change
Off the Sideline wishes to express our heartfelt gratitude to our donors and supporters for helping us carry out our mission. By working together over the last six years, we have filled a vital health and social equity need, providing nearly 500 scholarships for Oregon youth to participate in team sports and physical activities. We could not have done it without you.

The impact of social justice issues, COVID-19 and other factors have changed the global sports landscape and prompted Off the Sideline to examine its policies and processes. As a result of a recent internal review, our Board of Directors approved a new model that provides grants directly to our community partners already embedded in Oregon communities.

After this one-time funding process is complete and money is distributed, Off the Sideline will dissolve as a nonprofit organization and encourage our patrons to continue to support youth sports through our community partners. Look for more information in early April about which community partners were awarded grants, and how they plan to continue supporting Oregon youth as they participate in team sports and physical activities.

// Increased confidence

// and self-esteem
// Less risk of obesity

low-income families report a decrease in their child’s sports participation due to cost.


With strong support from business and nonprofit organizations, we are present in communities where low-income families may not have access to sports.

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// Higher grades

// Less risky behavior
// More positive relationships

// Increased social




When kids participate in team sports, they see …